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Planning for a new feature

For the next two weeks, I will be implementing a new feature for FreeTube. FreeTube is a desktop Youtube player with lots of features that I find useful for myself. I've been interested in this repo but haven't got the chance to contribute to it.

There are a lot of feature requests from users and I found 1 feature that was requested twice (request 1, request 2) but unfortunately hasn't been implemented. With this feature, users will be able to quickly add the subscriptions to profile without switching. This would be very useful especially when users want to add to multiple profiles.

In week 2, I will look into the codebase to understand the structure of the project. I also need to get myself familiar with the coding styles, naming conventions, etc. After that, I will start the actual implementation and try to create a pull request with the first version of the new feature. Implementation of this feature will include the following tasks:

  • Create a dropdown to display the list of profiles
  • Add tooltip to profile so that when user hovers over, they can see the full name of the profile (the dropdown only shows the initials)
  • Modify the current behavior of Subscribe button. Right now, user will add the subscription to the active profile on clicking the button. I'll need to make some changes so that clicking the button will open/close the dropdown
  • Add click event on each profile in the dropdown to handle the actual subscription
  • Add logic to prevent adding a subscription to a profile twice

For week 3, I will wait for the maintainers' reviews, discuss any issues that arise and try to resolve them until we are all satisfied with the code. In week 3, I'll also look closely at the new feature to find any aspects that might be affected by it.

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