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Mitesh Kamat
Mitesh Kamat

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Quick links sticky footer


Building sticky footer using bootstrap to serve as quick links on your webpage.

Nowadays, we see numerous apps with quick links feature in footer. So whenever we create any responsive website we think of providing various quick links in mobile view at the bottom in the form of sticky footer.

Then we think of....

how many links should I provide?

should I provide a more icon?

how many links should I place in more option?

So, I decided to build a sticky footer with a more option and providing additional links in the more section of footer with some animation.
In my case I have placed a center icon which drives the animation.

what I used?
Bootstrap 4.5.0
Some jQuery
Font awesome 4.7.0

You can find the implementation here:
Hope it helps.

Cheers !!!

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Thank you.

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