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The new API Gateway

Discovered recently and actually in alpha, the Kubernetes-sigs community is developing an "API Gateway".

More generic, extensible, and expressive than the current Ingress. Mostly, it's role-oriented.

Today we have one element which manages the traffic to services. With the API Gateway we will have multiple layers :

  • Gateway Class: For infra admin - This represents a kind of Gateway that can be created by the infrastructure provider.
  • Gateway: For cluster admin - This is the load balancer element where we bind different listeners.
  • HTTP Route: For devs - This one does the traffic redirection matching some elements like the hostname, path, header...

With these elements, we will natively have some functionalities like traffic splitting.

It's just a quick post to give you a taste of it. If you're interested their documentation is really good, so go check it!


I hope it will help you!

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