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The project is an Android App for an ancient Traditional game of south India called "Ala Guli Mane" aka "MANCALA". Mancala game Android App Developed with AndroidStudio 1.0.2 To import just do Import Project To run the unit test create an AndroidTest configuration for the GameLibraryTestSuite class.

GitHub logo Namrathalb / Mancala-App

Android game app for he traditional indian game from south called "Ala Guli Mane"

Additional Features:
  • most of the test where done on a Samsung Nexus S with Android 4.4.4 and a screen resolution of 800×480 never run the app in other real device, expected some problem with high resolution display.
  • followed the Android Guidelines for the Layout, that's why for the back button was used the system one, that's available in all devices and that was intentionally left on the screen (in the new device it's not an HW button but it can be hidden by the app theme)
  • animation is available only in the HvH game, still having some trouble with threading ad queue in the HvC game, because of the high speed of the events.

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