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If there are developers out there not developing performance-first, idk what they think they’re doing but they should fix that. And google, and all companies that use oss, should alott funds for employees to donate to any project they want.


Not sure what performance first means, but you shouldn't optimize first. Its better to optimize later so that you can profile the performance of your overall system and only optimize what matters.


This isn't really true. Even at the broadest design level, there are many ways to do one thing, and some are faster than others.

IMHO it doesn't really matter in the web frontend context, which is what this thread is about (you can always easily go back to the drawing board if performance becomes a real problem). I will grant you that if you need to build a video streaming service for example, it may be worth building certain components of your backend in C++ right out of the gate.


The rationale for non-performance-first code is that they need to get features out fast to stay relevant. Most devs who would use an open-source framework wouldn't care how fast it is, as long as it's not ridiculous. They care that it can do X, Y, and Z. Tech giants DO care about small speed improvements, though. This could provide a good counterbalance so that devs are still rewarded for delaying features to make sure their code is high-quality.


I guess I'm just not most devs then because I always check for performance when picking libraries.

Libraries are a different story, because you will lock you architecture to them and they are huge pieces of work you will probably not be able to optimize.


With my 30 years of both open and closed source software development I can safely say that in the vast majority of cases if you're developing performance-first you're doing it wrong. Develop for correctness first, maintainability second, and performance ... somewhere about nine thousandth. The only time I've felt the urge to develop performance-first was when I was writing code that ran under CP/M and was bit-banging directly at an industrial controller. It really needed to not miss any messages coming from the large potentially explodey thing, lest the potentially explodey thing notice and expensively shut itself down to prevent said explosion.

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