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Why choose Indian developers in outsourcing?

Compared to the last five years, there is tremendous growth with a 7.5% rate in the Indian tech industry. Expectations are put on for a great hike in the future. Moreover, by 2025, the Indian IT industry will beat the USA with USD 300 billion revenue generation. This also gains attention to the software development companies in India from the global vendors.

Fortunately, India is one of the countries that hold talented developers. Some abundant developers are blessed with technical skills and other talents.

To pull more information, we here will cover those factors that work behind this scene. So if ever a question of why it is good to choose Indian developers is stuck in your mind, then here are the answers.

Why are Indian Developers a good choice?

Immense Pool of talent

While hiring a software developer for a specified project, the most important thing to notice is talent. No doubt, there are lakhs of developers around the globe, but finding the right one is a crucial part for any client. This has given the growth in offshore outsourcing to improve software development.
India is rich with talent pools in the software development sector. As per PYPL Index (Popularity of Programming Languages Index), the core languages used by Indian developers are JavaScript, Python, C/C++ and PHP.

India is the Largest IT outsourcing provider in the world

India is a leading country that commits to offering 24/7 outsourcing services with the latest technology. The service is not specified to one domain, and it serves various industries like finance, telecommunications, healthcare and insurance.

USA, UK, Australia and other countries are some of the international partners of India in the outsourcing sector. The quality-oriented work of Indian companies is well-known in the whole world. This is another reason to hire software developers India.

Cost-effective service

One of the most popular advantages offered by Indian developers is cost-effective service. The reason behind this scenario is the low cost of living in India. The IT hub Bangalore is also 140% cheaper than the cost of living in California, although it (Bangalore) comes in the most expensive city of India.

There are many other cuts off in the service cost when the client outsources the service. Some of this includes the in-house team investments as follows.

  • Procedure to hire
  • Team salary and bonus
  • Equipment cost
  • IT architecture cost
  • Software licensing cost

Time zone advantage

Most of the software development companies in India work around the clock. This makes it possible to complete the on-time delivery concept. If any company fails to achieve on-time delivery then the chances of reputation ruining are high.

Some of the time zones are as follows:

  • There is 3 hours 30 minutes difference between India and Europe
  • There is 9 hours 30 minutes difference between the USA and India
  • There is a 4 hours 30 minutes difference between Australia and India.

No quality compromisation

Clients indeed get attracted due to low prices, but clients also focus on quality. This is why India holds the number one slot when developing custom software. Indian companies also focus on support and maintenance with on-time delivery. Most of the Indian companies are ISO certified, which itself is proof of quality service.

Indian developers offer high grade IT services that meet the industry standard on the international level. Therefore, foreign vendors like to connect with the Indian IT companies more as compared to other nations.

Command on the English Language

Language compatibility is another factor value in an international market. In the Indian education system, the English language is taught in primary school. Some students also join English speaking classes. This helps them to accelerate their communication skills. As per the survey, India is the second-largest English speaking nation after the USA in the world. This also contributes to choosing Indian developers in the international market.

Unique and diverse work culture

There is diversity among the programmers. Professionals are specializing in DevOps, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, BigData, CyberSecurity like technologies. This is all due to the vast youth population that offer a variety of offerings. Rather than limited technology, Indian software developers are experts in various technologies enough to complete the need.


Every year, India produces more than 1.5 million Engineers. Indian engineers hold a sound knowledge in the technical aspect with the right attitude. Indian developers have a combination of hard-working and brainy work skills. They also give beyond the expectation in the software development lifecycle. Such factors attract and compel big enterprises from around the world.
Indian outsourcing companies observed only 14 holidays as compared to the USA and Europe who observed 19 holidays. This is another advantage of the client-centric view.

The key difference between out staffing and outsourcing

Vendors can choose any one model, one is an IT outsourcing model, and another one is an IT out staffing model. In an IT outsourcing model, the vendor hires a third party for the IT service needs, whereas IT out staffing means staff augmentation. In this, expertise and skills is augmenting.
The vendor works closely with the development team in the outsourcing model. On the other hand, every developer is exclusively hired for the project in the out staffing model. The client manages it directly.

Final Words

There is a huge scope in the outsourcing sector. So far, we have shared the key reasons to hire Indian developers. However, it is essential to choose the right development team for the business needs. For any start-up or small business, outsourcing is a great weapon to meet the desired milestone at a low cost.

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