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Alexey Okhrimenko
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There is one more Google Developer Expert in the world! :)

I am pleased to share with you the news that I have received the official title of Angular GDE. This gives new opportunities, but with it comes with even greater responsibility.

What is GDE? Google Developers Experts is a global network of tech experts, influencers, and influencers who actively support developers, businesses, and tech communities by speaking at events and posting content. These professionals actively contribute to and support developer and startup ecosystems around the world, helping them create and launch innovative applications.

About 700 experts represent 18+ Google technologies around the world! In my case, this technology is Angular. The GDE title does not mean that I work with Google or that Google gave me money :) It just means that Google recognizes my expertise in Angular.

GDE is getting:
1) Google Recognition
2) Ability to communicate with Angular developers and other Google teams
3) Access to closed groups of GDE experts
4) Invitations to events (aka a trip to Google I / O)

Here are some of the things that Google noted in my work:

But I do not plan to stop there. Already now I am actively working on improving the quality of the Russian-language Angular documentation, developing Granula (an alternative Runtime for Angular) and Reagain (a tool for static analysis of the code base). I will also do my best to enlarge Angular community and make it soft and fluffy for everyone :)

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