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Hi Everybody ! My name is Ogechi Vivian , I'm an Outreachy Intern with Wikimedia. This will be my first blog post,2020 has been a challenging time for everybody’s mental health, including my own, I had a lot of time this year to sit and do nothing. But you know what? The pandemic has taught us the value of slowing down and some new slogan such as Trust you are keeping safe, keep staying safe , social distancing and lots more.

Over a period of time, my routine has become so strict that you can set your watch according to my routine and gradually i started making some changes like exercising for more than an hour.

The impact of Technology during the global pandemic can not be over emphasis as this serves as a communication tool(social media, zoom etc) to always check up on friends and family virtually during the lockdown that was like the only means of keeping up with what is happening with everybody even while isolating.

Like the saying goes when life throws lemon on you make lemonade drink out of it. In one of my chat time with a friend Open Source Contribution and Outreachy Program was mentioned. I can remember the joy when my first Pull Request(PR) was merged on the first contributions repo on Github it was a win for me.

From the application stage down to the contribution stage where I had to get familiar with some tools(gerrit, phabricator). And here I'm an Outreachy Intern with Wikimedia. I have recorded some wins this year by being adaptable, invincible and formidable. I look forward to making an amazing contribution and better blog post as we progress with the Internship.

A big Congratulation to myself and other outreachy21 interns... Cheers !!!

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