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My journey into the IT space

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“When you discover your mission, you will feel its demand. It will fill you with enthusiasm and a burning desire to get to work on it.” — W. Clement Stone

How it all started...

It all started after my National Youth Service Corps when I got accepted into the six(6) months Interswitch Developer Academy. The first three months into the program was an intensive classroom training on data structures, algorithm, Software architectural design patterns, distributed systems, Database design, Java, ASP.NET and lots more. This was facilitated by various experts who have been in the fields for years. At the end of the first three months, we were assigned into groups to carry out a project(voucher-service) to make meaning to all what we have learnt from the experts.

The last three month(3) of the internship we integrated into the Engineering team, I worked with the DevOps team, assisted in managing the on-Prem CI/CD integration pipeline, process automation and monitoring. This was achieved using stack like Jenkins, Kubernetes, Docker, ELK, grafana, Prometheus, Chef, Ansible, Python, ruby and a lot more.

This internship built my interest around scripting and process automation. It played a major role in my interest with the Lua Scripting task in Wikimedia. I am so excited about the opportunity given to contribute to the Lua documentation on meta and mediawiki, it has greatly improved my communication skills and remote working experience. The continuous guidance and follow-ups from my mentors have made the journey as easy as possible.

I am open for a full time/part-time job, internship, remote work, a grant or a volunteer position. I want to continue developing the skills of automation to aid continuous delivery and monitoring process.

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