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Markdown link checker: Oh My Github Action #1

Github Action changed the game!
Continuous Integration has never been so exciting.

In this series, I just want to share my findings about the different Github Action I’m using to empower different projects.

About the Github Action?

Name: 404-links
Description: The only Github Action that will open pull request review when a broken link has been found in one of your markdown documentation.
Maintainer: Olivierodo

What I love about It?

Compared to other Markdown link checker, I love the different feature of 404-links:

  • Allow whitelist by url or by file
  • Enforce https links
  • Share a simple summary
  • Create Pull Request review using PR comments

How do I use it?

Currently I’m maintaining the RestQA that has more than 50+ markdowns file. Most of the files has external links (github pr, 3rd party tools), Now i’m happy to know that each link will be check regularly checked in order to provide a good experience while reading our documentation.

How can you use it?

If your project is using the JAMstack, this 404-links will become super helpful for website that relies on framework like:

  • Docusaurus
  • Hugo
  • Gatsby
  • etc…

What could be improved? How can you contribute?

So far the 404-links Github action is focused on remote links (http and https), that would be great if the Action could also check links to local files.

Don’t forget to support the 404-link Github action by giving them a star ⭐️ on github

If you want to get more update about the best way to improve your project through Continuous Integration. Follow me 😁.

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