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Common Linux Dot Files

Typically, dotfiles are simply configuration files where software programs store their configuration settings in plain, text-based files or directories.

Dot File Name 
    Format Purpose

    File History of commands typed at a Bash command prompt.

    File Script that's run when logging out of a text-mode Bash shell.

    File Script that's run when starting up a text-mode Bash shell.

    File Script that's run when starting up a text-mode Bash shell.

    Filename varies with the computer's name; status file for the Desktop Communication Protocol (DCOP), which is used by KDE to help manage interprogram communications.

    File KDE Display Manager (KDM) configuration file; specifies what desktop 
    environment to run when logging in via KDM.

    Directory Settings for Emacs, a popular text editor.  

    Housekeeping file for the Enlightened Sound Daemon (ESD), which is part of Linux's sound subsystem.

    Directory User-installed font files.

    File Listing of user-installed fonts in .fonts.

    File Xft font configuration file.

    Directory Configuration files used by GConf, a centralized configuration tool associated with GNOME.

    Directory Status files used by GConf.  

.gimp-1.2 or.gimp-2.0
    Directory Configuration file, and perhaps temporary storage space, for the GIMP. 
Precise filename depends on the version of  GIMP being used.

.gnome, .gnome2, and .gnome2_private
    Directory Configurations for GNOME applications.

    File Configuration information for the GIMP Toolkit (GTK+), which is a GUI development tool used by the GIMP, GNOME, and many other programs.

    Directory Configuration files for KDE applications.

    Directory Configuration files for Macromedia products, such as Flash Player.

.mail or .Mail
    Directory Mail messages; best managed with your mail program.

    Directory Configuration files for the Metacity window manager, which is most commonly used by GNOME.

    Directory Configuration files and cache for the Mozilla and Mozilla Firefox Web browsers.

    Directory Configuration files for the Nautilus file browser used by GNOME.

    Directory Housekeeping files for Red Hat.s Update Agent program.

    File Configuration file for Red Hat.s Update Agent.

    File Traditional name for a signature file, which is a few (typically 1.4) lines of text appended to mail messages and newsgroup posts.

    Directory Files associated with the Secure Shell (SSH) client program.

    Directory Themes for desktop environments.

    Directory Configuration and other files related to the WINE Is Not an Emulator (WINE) tool for running Windows programs in Linux.

    File Automatically generated file that helps manage connections to the X server (Linux.s GUI environment).

.Xclients and .Xclients-default
    File Script that.s sometimes run when logging into a GUI session. (Not all GUI login methods use this script.)

    File Settings file that.s used by certain X programs; can be used to set program defaults.

    Directory Configuration files for the XFce desktop environment.

    File Script run when starting X from a text-mode login.

    Directory Configuration file associated with the X Multimedia System (XMMS). 
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Granted, this is not a comprehensive list of all available dotfiles, but more so a general overview of associated file types.


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