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Pabi Moloi, but Forbes
Pabi Moloi, but Forbes

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Nevertheless, Pabi Coded

I began/continue to code because...

Growing up, I was, still am, fascinated by technology.I began coding at university without any prior knowledge of coding.Coding allows me to create almost anything I can think of and encourages me to learn more. It also enables me to create solutions that benefit the community.

I recently overcame...

Self doubt as a female developer. Being in an industry that is full of awesome and smart males, I always feel the need to work 10 times harder just to prove that I am also an awesome developer and I am capable.

I want to brag about...

My journey to being a female software developer. I only owned a laptop in university and no development background, I really had to work hard to get up to speed with everyone around me.

In my third year of university, I taught myself some android development for a group project, and my team and I got into the top 6 for our solution, which was a public transport solution application.

Did .NET development for a good 2 years as a junior developer. Just made a full 360 and I do android development now.

My advice for allies to support women and non-binary folks who code is....

Allow women to have a platform to be able to voice out their opinions and ideas.
Let women know that they have your support.

My advice for other women and non-binary folks who code is....

You are capable. Do not let a bug define who you are or bring you down as a developer. Share your code and projects with the world.

Where to from here....

I would still love to learn more technologies and languages, especially kotlin. I would also love to give back to the community as much as possible. Take part in hackathons, and in the near future, speak at events.

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