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What is the first thing you do, when you get into a new project in order to familiarize yourself with the code base?

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Do you have any techniques, tips and tricks of how to quickly familiarize yourself with a new code base, i.e. projects within a company or open source projects?

I mainly work on web projects (JS, npm/yarn, grunt/gulp/webpack) but I would be interested in experiences in other projects as well.

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For ML and data science projects, almost always there's a jupyter notebook involved which is easy to start with.

For production workloads, I try to get a walk-through from the developer involved and read the documentation if available.


I've worked mostly with web projects, but I typically ask for a walkthrough of the product and UI, then take time to follow the code paths of different features - mostly the main ones that run the app. After that first run-through, I start asking for tickets and that really gets the learning process going :D

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