The 14 habits of highly effective developers (Part 2)

Paul Isaris on March 09, 2019

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There's a double standard around #10 - "Don't be afraid to be involved in non-coding stuff" that I think it worth pointing out. Men who do this work are seen as team players, so it's great advice for male engineers, but women (and queer folks, and people of color) are often expected or assigned to do non-coding work, but then not rewarded for it. I'd highly recommend the Being Glue talk by Tanya Reilly.


Hi Paul, thanks for your post . Really interesting.
I'd maybe add : " always have the feature in mind" or " be feature oriented"
developpers tend to focus on the technical value / quality before focusing on what we're doing for the user.


I like your list, especially #8 preparing us to have our pride hurt. Humility is extremely important.

I also have a remark about #10 - Don't be afraid to be involved in non-coding stuff. I generally agree with it, but be suspicious when as a developer most of your time is consumed by such activities.


I totally agree. You should "protect" your development time as much as possible, but also have a time slot where you work on non-coding stuff :)


Yo Paul great points you picked, in both parts of your article. The urge of not going of my comfort zone is for me pretty strong, so communication with other developers for asking and giving advice and trying to be passioned while doing, is something I need to do more often.
Well written and thanks for reminding me of some good manners I used to have.


Absolutely crackin articles thank you Paul! Level UP! 💯


Thanks so much Evie! Glad that you enjoy my articles :D


Chinese translation link:《高效程序员的 14 个习惯(二)》

Thanks for Paul !

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