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How I can replace text in it with a value from a PDF file using PHP?

pcmagas profile image Dimitrios Desyllas ・1 min read

I was provided with a pdf file containing placeholder texts:

In that I want using php to replace the text ${NAME} Into a specified value.

But as long as I searched I found no example on how to do that. Do you have any idea on how to do…


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itsmukulmishra profile image
Mukul Mishra

It's simple thing. Use domPDF to parse the file. Store content in some variable and then apply str_replace()

pcmagas profile image
Dimitrios Desyllas Author

Can you provide me an example? Also DOMPdf generates Pdf from html files.

ivanjeremic profile image
Ivan Jeremic

This is easy with JavaScript + ReactJS + react-pdf. But sadly you are in the PHP world.