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We actually did, python, ruby, and a few others... they been removed in the article due to the repetition of the reason - which is the end user needing to install an external language library as a dependency before using the CLI (which is mentioned in java and js). Someone in the team even joked about considering PHP (its possible btw)

On another topic : we even considered c and c++, but that might be a bit too difficult for the team to do well without bugs (or overflow vulnerabilities)

One of our benchmarks for example is the ability to run in vanilla alpine.


na na you need to study py engineering particularly distribution. XD for distribution you just install your program. companies using py for production, include libs needed etc so that you install it like any other software.

e.g. if flask is needed, they choose a version for in-office use and that lib is shipped across products, they don't pip install or anything online in target env or even in dev

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