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Andres Larrotta
Andres Larrotta

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A Normal Day

I'm depressed, truly is the first time to feel bad, I know this media is for talk about different things but is my unique form to express my feelings(sorry)

Always I want to be a social person, popular, funny, you know?, a person that like get out to all places, drink a beer or just watch a movie with my friends, this is life.

In these days I feel alone, not everything has been bad, I had been time for me, walk for the park, do my favorites hobbies as programming (a friki jejej), my state doesn't affect my professional life neither a health is the most important, but I know I'm missing something. I think that is for her, She showed me that the true love doesn't exist like the movies, (other sad story jaja), but it's true, I was missing myself this happened I month ago and my friends said me with the time all will fix.

after all sad story, I'm going to have an incredible journey to demonstrated me that She lose an only opportunity to be happy.

Thanks for all.
Sorry for embarrassing text
See you later

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