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Nevertheless, Leanne Codes (every damn day)

I began to code because...

MySpace allowed me to edit the look of my profile using HTML + internal CSS. I was hooked. I must have changed my theme every week. Always learning + never satisfied with what I had created -- I'm still not + still forever changing my own website -- that was back way before Facebook reared it's none customising head. I despised Facebook for not allowing me to add flashing graphics + bad songs to my profile.

I learnt a lot from MySpace but quickly grew out of it + started to create static HTML websites for myself + friends.

I'm currently hacking on...

Two new things:

  1. I'm learning JavaScript + about to begin the #JavaScript30 challenge - hands on projects make learning so much easier for me. I also have a blog series called #BreakingJS that I'm using to document my journey. Feel free to hashtag your JS Journey on Instagram.

  2. I'm looking into app development, which is a totally new area for me. I've only ever developed websites so this could be fun. I struggle to find apps with all the features I need for my day to day life so I'm going to make my own, or at least try to.

I'm excited about...

Getting my new laptop. I'm waiting for my boyfriend to return from the states with my new (and much cheaper than the UK) Lenovo Yoga 720. I'll be sure to show it off when it arrives ;)

My advice for allies to support women and non-binary folks who code is....

Focus on one aspect of coding that you enjoy + master that. You will never learn all languages, all programs, all softwares... technology just moves too damn fast. Since focusing on one thing, I've found myself learning so much more + at a faster pace.

Make sure you take time away from your coding too. It's not only good for the soul, but also increases productivity.

Network with a community, whether online or in your area. Tech people are the best + always there to lend a hand + boost your confidence -- especially women in tech, they are utterly amazing. I've made some wonderful friends via social media that are a true inspiration to me + it's always nice to hear that people have the same doubts + struggles that you may come across.

Happy coding and Happy International Womens Day

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