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A VR headset changed my life

It was March 2020, and we were asked to work from home. First two months were immensely boring as I didn't have any social life and world was at standstill. Until one day I finally got my Oculus headset after 2 months of wait. I installed the trending Apps like Beat Saber, Rec Room, Super-Hot.
Wearing VR headset took me into a different world, it felt like I am inside a video game and it's not necessary for me to win but to enjoy the immersive experience.
Well not completely immersive as I still saw pixels and blur images, sometimes I was stuck and world around me was literally revolving.

I tried making pottery, solving puzzles, mediating, and attending virtual meetups.
I did things that I wouldn't have otherwise if it weren't for my VR headset.

I was a person that hardly ever goes to gym regularly, but with VR I was able to do a fun cardio workout using Supernatural. I am addicted to the level of endorphins I get with VR exercise experience.

In 6 months, a VR headset changed my life and my habits. I felt sense of accomplishment to try out things I always wanted to but never did due to my introvert nature or for useless excuses.

During my discovery phase I met nice people in apps like who guided me how to use the App and make most use of it. Some of them also showed me how with code and create my own virtual world with all music and jazz.

Being a Product manager at heart I was very curious to know what a day in a life of a Product Manager would be for Mixed reality.
This curiosity made me learn about this technology, understand the future scope and use cases.

In upcoming articles I am going to share what I have learned so far in my journey of 60DayXRLearning.

Stay tuned!

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