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Please stop doing stupidly complex technical interviews!

Please stop stupidly complex interviews?

Oh the technical interviews, I am a 15 years experienced software engineer and I'm still afraid of them!. So we as human beings fear the unknown, but a good interview should be more like a conversation instead of a police interrogation.

Interviewers have asked me if I know S.O.L.I.D. principles, unit testing in deep and even I've been asked to use graph theory to solve a problem. When I got the job, there is a high dependency on a specific dll that do a lot of different things (This by it's own violates all SOLID principles), I never used anything they asked me, so what's the need to make the technical interview unnecessarily complex and tedious?. When I am interviewing a candidate I try to make a conversation like: Tell me about your experience, the latest project you are working on, what technology you like the most, and why. I guess that they are trying to emulate top-tech companies like GAFAM, what I have heard about these companies is that the technical interviews are very focused on data structures and problem-solving (not sure if they are used in daily work).

My point is: if your company focuses on a specific product, ask what you're looking for, ask for the technologies you are currently using, please stop doing stupidly complex technical tests unless your company is currently using these techniques to solve complex problems.

And as always, happy coding!.

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