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A VSCode extension to find things faster in your JavaScript codebase

We spend a lot of time reading code. And a portion of that time is spent on finding the right code to read.

I love using VSCode as my editor but I wanted a better way to search my JavaScript code. I wanted a powerful search that will let me search for only functions or classes or typescript interfaces or other types of symbols.

VSCode has a built-in symbol search but I wanted something that I can keep it to the side like a sidebar.

Also, I wanted a rich bookmarking capability. Instead of bookmarking a line in a file, which could change if you add more lines, I wanted to bookmark a function and still be able to go back to the function even if the function is moved to a different position in the file.

The thing about VSCode is you could extend it if the built-in functionality is not something you are happy with.

So I did just that.

👋 Say hello to Waypoint

Alt Text

Waypoint is a VSCode extension which provides a fast symbol search and bookmarking experience. It works with JavaScript, TypeScript, and Flow codebases.

  • 💨 Waypoint indexes your source files so the search is ridiculously fast.
  • 🎲 You can filter your search results by applying filters such as classes, functions, variables, and types.
  • 🔖 You can bookmark your symbols for later. This is a lifesaver if you need to refer a symbol over and over again.
  • 📑 You can copy the import path for a symbol with a click.

⚡️ Getting started

If you like what you are seeing, here are a few links to get started:

🌱 The Future

We are just getting started with Waypoint. There are a lot of things we could do to improve the way we read code. I'm really excited to see what else we could add to Waypoint. If you have ideas, please open an issue in our Github repo.

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