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re: Just wondering if you're an engineer yourself. I've found that a scrum master with no (software) engineering experience is woefully inefficient in ...

I’m not an engineer myself but my situation is different; I actually sit on the engineering team, and I know the engineer’s work stream because our team processes were built around it. In practice my role is a blend of product management and technical program management. In fact, what prompted me to ask this question was less about my own experience than it was about understanding how this has worked for other people. I have an excellent working relationship with my developer colleagues; we all complement each other and our skill sets very well.

And based on your description, it sounds like your SM was actually a Project Manager? Scrum emphatically differentiates between an SM and a PM, with those on the development team responsible for organizing their own work. But I know in practice this is not always the case.

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