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Top 10 Best YouTube Channel to get free Web Development Knowledge.

Top 10 Best YouTube Channel to get free Web Development Knowledge.

Hey everyone welcomes to another new blog, my name is Vikas Rai and today in this article, I am going to tell you the top 10 Best YouTube Channels for Learning Web Development in 2021.

Many people are confused regarding which course should they whether they should take a paid course or a free one.

So yeah everyone wants knowledge for free and it your right to have free knowledge available to you.

That's why in this article I am going to tell you about the best YouTube channels from where you can learn web development for free and also makes dome cool web development-related projects.

So let's get started:

1. CodewithHarry (Lang: Hindi)

This YouTube channel is one of my favorite and I have learned so many things from this channel.

He started this channel to teach coding techniques to people which took him ages to learn. This channel has Almost covered everything in web development and also every programming language as well.

Harry has created a separate playlist for web development which covers all the technologies and languages required to learn Web development and also provides notes of his course on his website

He has created tons of videos on many languages like python, C, C++, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, Mongo, and many more to come. He also shares His experience, tips and tricks, and general knowledge regarding programming and Web Development.

If you like to watch in Hindi then this will be the perfect YouTube channel for you to watch programming-related videos.

2. Codedamn (Lang: English)

This YouTube Channel I am watching for the last 6 months and I would appreciate the content that this channel is providing.

He has covered all the latest tools, technologies, and frameworks which he teaches on his YouTube channel for free.

The best courses which I like on this channel are the React.js Mastery and Next.js Mastery course which was very helpful for me especially.

I would also like to tell about that the creator of this channel Mehul Mohan has stated his e-learning platform/website which is a learning platform for web developers.

This platform provides many free and paid courses and also mentorship which will help you to learn with guidance.

You can surely check out his website and channel to know more.

3. Sonny Sangha (Lang: English)

This YouTube Channel will provide great and real-life Web Development Projects. All these projects are Beginner-friendly as well as for an intermediate also.

He teaches you to make both Front-end and Full Stack projects by using new technologies and frameworks.

The level of projects is amazing and it will look like almost a professional web developer has made it.

It's best for making web development projects, till now he has created websites like LinkedIn-clone, Gmail-clone, Snap Chat-clone, Hulu-Clone, WhatsApp-clone, Google-clone, and many more to come.

I like building and watching web dev projects then I will highly recommend you to check out his channel.

4. JavaScript Mastery(Lang: English)

This YouTube Channel's purpose is to help aspiring web developers take their development skills to next level and build awesome apps.

This channel provides some cool React.js, M.E.R.N, and small JavaScript Projects which is very helpful for a beginner.

These projects are a great way to learn and enhance your web development knowledge.

Recently they have uploaded a new video on "How to Create a Landing Page Using Next.js and deployed it to Hostinger".

Their Tutorial is so much easy and comfortable even for a beginner or an intermediate.

5. Web Dev Simplified (Lang: English)

This is another Channel that is similar to JavaScript Mastery which provides you with web development-related videos and also teaches about using different technologies related to web development.

Web Dev Simplified also deep dives into advanced topics using the most recent best practices for you seasoned web developers.

It will be perfect for both an intermediate and a beginner web developer.

6. Academind (Lang: English)

This channel creator is one of my favorite Teachers or Instructor. His name is Max Scharwzmuller and he creates courses and tutorials that teach you everything related to web development.

He has created a bunch of Udemy Courses related to Web Development and I Learned React.js from one of his courses which is "React-The complete Guide", you can search for it on Udemy and you will get an idea of how much this course is popular by seeing the ratings.

The way he teaches is both amazing and fun and which helps us to learn without facing many difficulties and also it does not feel like boring to watch it.

In the end, I will highly recommend checking this channel especially if you want to learn React.js as Max has recently uploaded a crash course on React.js n his YouTube Channel.

7. Cleverprogrammer (Lang: English)

This Channel I came across one year ago and find it very useful in my web development journey.

It provided me great knowledge and also made me aware of much existing technology related to web development that I did not know.

They also teach you how to build modern websites and many website clones using React.js and M.E.R.N stack.

They provide awesome programming lessons and also tips and tricks that will help you to take your coding to next level.

Their goal is to make 5000 web developer jobs ready by 2021 so that they can apply for favorite web developer jobs in the market.

8. Traversy Media (Lang: English)

Traversy Media is also a well-known Platform where many web developers came to share their knowledge.

Also, many YouTubers came to the Traversy Media channel to showcase their knowledge and to promote their channel as well.

It features the best online web development and programming tutorials for all the latest web technologies includingNode.js, including React.js, Angular, MongoDB .Next.js, HTML, CSS, and many more.

They also teach about new trends and technologies which are related to web development that comes every year.

So yeah please check out this channel you will get the content that you are looking for.

9. Edureka (Lang: English)

This is well-known e-learning Platform which provides course and certification related to programming, web development and many another programming related field like Data Science, etc.

They also provide free knowledge on their YouTube Channel through tutorials which are led by trained Instructors and also share some tips and tricks regarding it.

They have almost covered every programming technology Artificial Intelligence, BlockChain, DevOps, Python, AWS, Data Science, and many more kinds of stuff.

If you can't afford to have their courses on their platform then you can watch them on their YouTube Channel to get the Knowledge.

10. (Lang: English)

It the one of the largest programming Community which provides tons of knowledge for free.

They have stepped into every sub-domains related to programming wen development, DevOps, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and many more.

Whenever they upload a video on any topic it's a full-fledged detailed tutorial. They have introduced many tutorials in "One video" format.

They generally make One lengthy video on topics which vary from 5-6 hour video to 10-12 hour videos.

If you visit their website you will find many courses and the best is that it's all free to learn.

Their main motto is "Learn to Code for Free".


In this article, I have discussed the top 10 YouTube channels through which you can get free programming and Web development knowledge.

I have written this article because many people still don't know about them and their helpful tutorials which have shaped the future of many people.

I will appreciate it if you visit their channel at least once by visiting the following link and do give a look at their Videos.

  1. CodewithHarry :
  2. Codedamn:
  3. Sonny Sangha:
  4. JavaScript Mastery:
  5. Web Dev Simplified:
  6. Academind:
  7. Cleverprogrammer:
  8. Traversy Media:
  9. Edureka:
  10. FreeCodeCamp: <!--kg-card-end: markdown-->


These were the top 10 best YT channels for learning web development in my opinion.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the article and if you have read till here then thank you so much for your patience reading.

If you are interested in reading more articles of this type then you can visit to read them.

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