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re: Java "buggy or not secure" is IMO entirely due to perceptions of client side Java, which nobody uses and which only causes problems. Client side J...

I agree. However, there're a lot of client-sided applications for digital signatures (e.g. eGovernment) using Java Web Start and while I'm not an expert in this area, I don't know whether there are any other cross-platform solutions that would do the same.


Hm yes I guess there are some niche apps where it's popular, e-signatures used by e-government would be one example ... but isn't it possible nowadays to do that kind of stuff simply with Javascript? Which I think would be vastly preferable over foisting Java or Web Start on the end user.

I believe you when you say there are still apps out there which use client side Java, but my guess is they're just old legacy apps, and the government doesn't have the resources to rewrite them ... but for new apps probably nobody would consider Java anymore (or Silverlight, or Adobe Flash for that matter).

Also, cheerpj can compile the stuff to js, depending on what level of hardware/network access it needs.

WOW just wow, how many people in this world would know that :-) .... "CheerpJ Applet Runner", that's just genius

Need to give this a look, thanks!

People who like messing around on old sites with archive.org :)

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