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re: I am very happy with LastPass

I love LastPass as well. Except for this morning, the outage is driving me nuts!


yep, this is a problem with any services. The only solution I know is to have an offline password manager with multiple copies of the db, and sync it with devices through dropbox or something like that. But then what about handy browser extensions..

Buttercup actually allows you to sync via Dropbox, so you can host your vault file there and let DB do the sync'ing, and Buttercup has clients to allow you access to these sync'ed credentials on all major platforms (including within Chrome+Firefox using an extension). Disclaimer: I'm the author.

Neat! I'll have to look into that now. I'm currently a very happy LastPass user (though not for work, so I actually got by without knowing about the outage). But that does sound like an interesting solution.


This is where I would recommend Bitwarden, works well offline with synced data and once online syncs with my desktop app as browser addon, but the only problem I had was when i imported all of my browser passwords and disabled auto save within Chrome and Firefox, Bitwarden has become a bit slow ever since but its normal to be slow when you've got nearly 8K logins including yours and other peoples

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