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E-028: Blame it on the potatoes [React Native 0.64]

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This week Jon is losing his mind and obsessing over his brewery and where it will be, Spencer can't cool and still can't find an Xbox, but does seem to come up with some cheeky titles for his new courses.

When we get down to React Native we cover the important details about the recently released v0.64, what you need to do to prepare and what features are worth knowing about.

0:00 - Intro

0:40 - Spencer can't cook

5:05 - Jon's brewery news

8:17 - Spencer's weekly update

13:31 - Mobile news (Amazon's new MacOS EC2)

15:58 - React Native 0.64

16:01 - Hermes for iOS

17:24 - inline requires

19:42 - Shout Outs

20:53 - React 17

21:14 - Hermes proxy suport

22:02 - Hermes profile command

22:43 - Node 12

23:16 - Android min SDK bump

25:43 - XCode 12

26:57 - Prepare now

29:27 - Wrap Up



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