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E029 - Pi-RATS of the Caribbean (Building Reusable Components)

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In this episode, Jon deal with rats and realizes he can do impressions.  Spencer gets motion sick over video games but still wants (yet can't find) an xBox.

Our main topic this week covers how to be lazy when building mobile apps by carefully constructing reusable components saving you time and hopefully frustration.

Building a mobile app can be challenging, but you can make it easier on yourself by using some tools and patterns to build reusable components.  meaning you can use the same component in multiple places throughout your app, and in other apps.


0:00 - Intro

0:50 - RATS

8:46 - XBox motion sickness

10:44 - COVID comparisons

11:47 - Mobile news - Calm

15:38 - The key to sleep

16:17 - Main Topic - Custom Components

16:47 - Main Topic For Real This Time

20:16 - Props all the way down

25:52 - Core APIs

26:32 - Storybook

27:58 - Styled Components

29:47 - Keep 'em light

34:23 - Don't optimize before you need to

35:25 - UI Frameworks can help

37:27 - Felixbility

39:15 - WrapUp



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39:15 - Wrap Up

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