Favicon Fun - Dynamically Updating Your Site Icon with ReactJS

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Want to make your website or app standout? One way could be what I cover in the video below, using Javascript to dynamically edit your website's favicon based on the state of your application.

How can I use this

The most obvious is to notify users of interactions on your site. For example, if you have a chat app, you could dynamically adjust the favicon to show users they have a message waiting even if they are in another tab.

A more advanced example would be swapping through an array of images to create an animation effect similar to a gif. I will be covering that in a future tutorial so be sure to subscribe

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This was real fun to watch as favicon is the "face" of the web page.


Glad you enjoyed it, I've seen a few websites do stuff with their favicons so I looked further into it and figured some other people might be interested as well


I was surely interested and thank you for sharing~

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