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Hi Ian,

what you are looking for is "git remote add" and then "git push".

The first commands tells your local git repository where is the remote one and the second syncs your code from your local repository to the remote repository.

In order:

  • find out what's the URL of the remote repository
  • use "git remote add" to add it to the list in your local repo
  • use "git push" to send the code upstream

You can find a guide here: git-scm.com/book/en/v2/Git-Basics-...



Thank you for you answer, I am not sure which URL to use since this is a shared hosting server.


Is there any public documentation I might look at?

What's the hosting server?

It is an own server running froxlor.
The user has SSH access and a domain pointing at /var/customers/webs/USERNAME
In his documentroot (/var/customers/webs/USERNAME) there is a .git folder.

Ah ok! So you need git + ssh.

Assuming you have the rights to access that folder, it should be something like this:

git remote add origin ssh://username@host/var/customers/webs/username/folder.git

Works, thank you!

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