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re: So true, one of the project we had recently, a web app with lots of data processing.we wanted to do it with python and postgress. Client kept fixa...

Oh noooooo. How did that end?

I heard the same exact argument about Java years ago ("we must use Java because real enterprises use it, nobody uses Python"). Funny because at the time Google was one of the biggest fans of Python 😂



We ended up doing in GO (what client asks they will get. after all they are paying 😂 ) but without python magic , project deadline was increased by several months.

What can you do when they are not listening to reason. right ?

I'm sorry to hear that.

Next time you need a real counter argument pro-Python for a client that is interested in knowing which big companies use wich technology, let me know and I'll send some of these arguments your way :D

Guido Van Rossum, Python's creator, used to work for Google (now he's at Dropbox, which uses Python a lot), like others of the core team. Google at some point even tried to rewrite Python to make it faster with a JIT (see Unladen Swallow). Instagram for the first few years was a Django app and AFAIK they still use it. This is from 2017:

We had been able to get to a few hundred million users with our Python/Django stack, so we decided we would continue. Also significant in the decision was that our engineers really love Python. It’s actually a reason people want to come work for us.

I don't think it should be the argument on which to build a decision as the OP say (or at least it shouldn't count as much), but if you have a client that values that primarily, it's nice to know you can at least suggest that Python is a real enterprise language ™ :P

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