How to Develop an On-Demand Appointment App for Patients and Doctors?

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With near-complete digitalization of the economy in all spheres, even the doctor-patient relationship is going in for a rapid transformation. One will always recollect the visits to the doctor’s place for appointments or visiting the outpatient department in polyclinics and nursing homes standing in a queue to seek an appointment for themselves.

Many will recollect not so good memories of those visits to meet the doctors as one had to experience very critical and highly anxious moments. Now those harrowing days will be gone. With the on-demand healthcare app which is a rage these days, better days are ahead. Patient parties can now book appointments for their patients in a much lesser stress-free ambience and state of mind.

The Rapid Advancements in the Medical Field
With the rapid advancement of medical science and the IT industry, the science of medical app development has grown by leaps and bounds. One such pathbreaking development is the doctor’s appointment app. In recent years the growth of healthcare apps sector has been phenomenal. According to recent studies, statistics it has been reported that by the end of next year this market will grow by an annual growth rate of 16%.

Even doctors, medical practitioners and healthcare workers are keen and going two steps ahead to take the best advantage of medical app development. The percentage of smartphone users not only in urban and semi-urban areas but also in the rural belt has increased manifold and a recent study confirmed that almost 80% of physicians and healthcare professionals are using on-demand healthcare app on a regular basis.

The ongoing global pandemic has changed the entire profile of health history and more so of the usage of software in the health care sector. Many governments have come out with their apps like Aarogya Setu in India, Salud Responde in Spain and Kwarantanna Domowa of Poland. Of course one can always access the COVID 19N Tracker symptom under the aegis of the World Health Organisation { WHO}.

Even WHO has a chatbox exclusively on Corona Virus. The question here now is how will any other person who is not suspected to be infected by COVID show a physician? Here comes the stellar role of the doctor’s appointment app which will play a pioneering role in the days to come.

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