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Top 13 Web Development Company Trends to Follow in 2020

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With the current pandemic raging throughout the world today, sales revenues of many corporate houses are sliding downhill as well as the economies of many developed countries. It is in this context, social distance maintenance is becoming and will become the order of the day. Business and corporate sectors have to grow as one cannot afford to flatten the economic curve instead of flattening the pandemic curve. Keeping this in mind it will not be an exaggeration if it is rightfully said that web development will throw up an overabundance of possibilities this year.

2020 will see new trends, new possibilities, new technologies in the fields of both web app development services, and mobile app development services. Competent, proficient, and extraordinary web developers both as a team as well as in individual capacities will found astounding success and enrichment of their businesses be it web app development services and mobile app development services.

Top 13 Web Development Company Trends to Follow in 2020:

  1.  Online Support and Chat bots
  2.   Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)
  3.   Web Assembly
  4.   Responsive web design
  5.   Pop up message with websites
  6.   Single Page Applications
  7.   Static Sites
  8.   Motion UI
  9.   Accelerated mobile page (AMP)
  10. Voice Search Option
  11. Design Elements
  12. Usages of JavaScript & Python
  13. Elimination of Flash Player

Let’s Some of the web development trends that are expected to come up in 2020 are mentioned and discussed here:

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