Integrating Bootstrap 4 into Rails 6

Rob Race on June 26, 2019

To install Bootstrap 4 and a theme, we are going to be adding some packages, updating some configuration and adding a few additional gems/libraries... [Read Full]
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Question a bit out of the blue, but these days is there still value in having backend rendering and the UI integrated with rails ? As opposed to a bundled app which just gets delivered statically ?

I've been doing the latter for a while now (react, vue, etc), just curious to hear your thoughts


I'm not the author of this post, but still writing server side rendered UI in Rails.

Maybe there're not all points, but some major ones in my humble opinion:

  1. In Rails writing server-side UI is out-of-the-box so it cost you almost no time. Also Turbolinks can make it behave/feel like SPA.

  2. You need server-side rendered pages for the SEO (it's changing now)

  3. No overhead with authorization (think JWT)

  4. You can sleep well not chasing for super-fast changing JS frameworks world :)


SEO is the primary reason for me to stay away from SPA and stick to Rails for a longer time. My landing pages and SEO content are as simple as can be to keep the chance of them to fail for some reason as low as possible.

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