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How to setup a new schedule?

rossanodan profile image Rossano D'Angelo ・1 min read

Lately I've realized I want to focus on multiple things over a day. And it's time to prioritize and to schedule.

I'm a software engineer and I work full time so my spare time isn't too much.

Things I'm focusing on are

DevOps crash course

I need it. I need it for my job and I need it because I want to understand better what means being a DevOps.
There's a relationship between it and the way to deliver software so I'm very interested to know more.


I love React and lately I'm focusing on the couple React - Redux. I will continue in this way for a while.

The GDG Galway

I'm part of the Google Developers Group Galway since a couple of weeks and I want to contribute sharing my knowledge with this great community. We're going to do cool stuff together.

Studying algorithms

Yeah, algorithms. Underestimated but always useful. I bought Introduction to Algorithms book few months ago and I didn't open the most interesting pages yet!

Any idea or suggestion to schedule this stuff without giving up my private life? 😄

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