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Travis Fischer for Saasify

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One SaaS PH Launch a Week...

Our team at Saasify is busy preparing for our YC interview in a few weeks.

In order to validate our product, our main objective right now is to launch one fully polished FaaS API every week for the next two months!

We recently had our first two PH launches for products built on top of Saasify:

  • Puppet Master - Headless chrome as a service.
  • Synopsis - Summarize any website or article automagically.

These should give you a good idea for the types of SaaS API products we're targeting.

One of the things that I'm most excited about is how Saasify enables us to launch many product experiments very quickly. Too many founders put all their eggs into one basket and inevitably fail to find product / market fit, and with Saasify, we're hoping that each of these product launches will teach us about more about our market and what to focus on.

Our thesis is that many of these individual FaaS products will fail to gain traction, but if each one has a certain probability of finding product / market fit, then N independent product launches improves our chances linearly by N, which imho is extremely powerful in the aggregate.

Eventually, these products will all blend into a cohesive marketplace of standardized FaaS, but for now we're focusing on marketing them as standalone SaaS products to optimize messaging and inbound channels.

We have a strong pipeline of projects and OSS authors we're working with to meet our aggressive launch schedule, but we need YOUR help!

If you have a project you'd like to saasify and start monetizing, we'd LOVE to hear from you!

Feel free to DM me on our open slack && thanks for reading!

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