Fizz Buzz with compile time programming

saitoatsushi profile image 齊藤敦志 ・1 min read

Fizz Buzz is screening problem for computer programmers. It is also used for esoteric programming play sometimes.

Kazuho wrote a program to generate a string of Fizz Buzz at compile time in C++. gos-k also wrote in the same concept in Common Lisp.

And I wrote in Scheme (R6RS).

(import (rnrs))

(define-syntax make-fizzbuzz-string
    (syntax-case ctx ()
      ((_ n)
       (integer? (syntax->datum #'n))
           (do ((i 1 (+ i 1)))
               ((< (syntax->datum #'n) i))
               ((zero? (mod i 15)) "fizzbuzz")
               ((zero? (mod i 5))  "buzz")
               ((zero? (mod i 3))  "fizz")
               (else i))
             (newline port))))))))

(define (fizzbuzz)
  (display (make-fizzbuzz-string 100)))


For compile-time programming, LISP is much easier than C++.


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