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(。`・д・)=o Kaomoji ┌(; ・_・)┘ on your MacOS

Hi all (;゜д゜)

I've been using Japanese text art (Kaomoji) for over 10 years on my Mac and I thought I should share this. It's cool and it's cute.

No extra app needed.

All you need to do is open System Preferences > Keyboard

Add Japanese Input Source and select only hiragana.

Alt Text

Go to Text
Press + to add new replacement
on the left, I usually use を wo then on the right (。`・д・)=o

Alt Text

Now, in any application you can just type wo then spacebar and a popup will appear with list of replacements. Hit enter to select the Kaomoji you want.

Alt Text

List of cool Kaomoji (670)

Lazy to add one by one? drag and drop this plist to your list of replacement to get everything I have now.

Text Substitution.plist

If you are using iphone + icloud, this will sync to iOS as well. So you can just type を wo with japanese keyboard on iphone and the same list will popup.

Feel free to modify it to suit your need. You may not need Japanese Input Source but I'm not sure if it will ruin your typing experience or not.

Please share cool Kaomoji ч(゚д゚ч)クレッ!

Discussion (3)

jadenthedev123 profile image

it works but when ever i type "wo" it only shows "ヽ(@ω@;)ノ"

sakko profile image
SaKKo Author

try hitting spacebar? it should list other choices

jadenthedev123 profile image
JadenTheDev123 • Edited on

still it only show "ヽ(@ω@;)ノ" are there some settings i need to set?