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Content Projection in Angular - Part 2

In the previous article on this topic, I touched the basics of Content Projection with Angular and how easily one can work with dynamic templates without much fuss. I also discussed the use case where one may need to project content to a Component dynamically.

Continuing in this post, I will touch some advanced use case scenarios where we can leverage the power that Angular provides.

Now, to discuss further, a Component provides us a functionality where we may pass the template in between the opening and closing braces of the component where we use it as a child in our template.

Like <demo><h1>This is the template for content projection</h1></demo>

The contents of the <h1> tag will be displayed where <ng-content> tag is present in the child i.e., demo component.

What if the child has several <ng-content> tags. How can we pass the template to a particular <ng-content> tag thereby rendering the dynamic view to its correct position?

Let's discuss Targeted Projection.

Angular provides us with the select attribute of the ng-content tag. With this attribute, we can actually work with targeted projection.

Use case 1:

<ng-content select="[first-place]"></ng-content>

The template can be passed as follows:

   <p first-place>Hello World!</p>

Use case 2:

<ng-content select="[place='first']"></ng-content>
<ng-content select="[place='second']"></ng-content>

The template can be passed as follows:

   <p place='first'>Content 1</p>
   <p place='second'>Content 2</p>

Use case 3:

<ng-content select=".place-first"></ng-content>
<ng-content select=".place-second"></ng-content>

The template can be passed as follows:

   <p class='place-first'>Content 1</p>
   <p class='place-second'>Content 2</p>

There are a few other use cases as well, which I will keep for some other day to discuss. I hope this post proves to be useful in you Angular learning journey. Cheers!

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