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How to avoid infinite loops onIonChange.


I encountered a problem at work while creating a search page with several filters using an IonSelect for each. The problem came when I added a 'clear all' button to clear the filters, which threw me into a neverending loop. 😱

My solution

1) Imported the useState Hook and declared a state variable like the one below.

const [isResetting, setIsResetting] = useState(false)
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2) Created a reset button which would change the state variable to true when clicked.

onClick={() => setIsResetting(true)}
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3) Imported the useEffect hook and set it to run only when isResetting changes. What I wanted to achieve here was for the resetAllFilters function (step 4) to run only when isResetting is set to true.

useEffect(() => {
    if (isResetting) resetAllFilters();
}, [isResetting])
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4) Created the resetAllFilters function, which should change the value of all the filters. The last line on this function should be to change the state variable isResetting back to false.

const resetAllFilters = async () => {
    // insert your code 
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5) Last but not least, I made sure that when the state variable isResetting is set to true the IonSelect does not change its value, thereby avoiding going into an infinite loop.

    placeholder="Select tags"
    placeholder="Select tags"
    onIonChange={e => isResetting ? console.log("reset at work") : applyFilter("tags", e.detail.value)}                                     >

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And voila! With these 5 steps I solved my problem at work.

I didn't find any other solutions online, but would love to hear if anyone else has encounted this problem and solved it in a different way.

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