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Discussion on: Building a galery with Gatsby, Google Sheets and Netlify

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Santiago Spinetto Jung • Edited on

Hi Miguel, very clear and interesting tutorial, I have a question, I get this error message:


"gatsby-source-google-sheets" threw an error while running the sourceNodes lifecycle:

value must be an array of bytes


The data is not available so I google for an answer but I didn't get any specific information about the plugin error or issue.
Do you, or any one in the community have any clue about this error...?
My setup is the same as the tutorial.

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Fraser Gorrie • Edited on

** UPDATE ** - Fixed

Turns out that the value of cell A1 in my case was 'id". When I change that to something else like "sup",
It worked!

I get this exact error as well.

In my case, I can confirm that the proper worksheet was opened and at the time of the error, the function is looking at the data in Cell A1 and it reading it correctly
The problem occurs while trying to make the call to createNode using the contents of r

Perhaps, Miguel you will have some time to rerun your code and confirm it still works for you?