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8 Great Data Engineering Youtube Channels

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Looking at the data engineering Youtube space early last year. There weren't that many people talking about data engineering.

There were a few but overall most data-focused videos were on data science, algorithms, and machine learning.

But, somewhere in the middle of last year, it seemed like more and more YouTubers were talking about data engineering.

Some were referencing the trend itself of growth in data engineering job opportunities and others, like myself, decided to start making videos to help future data engineers.

In this article, I wanted to help signal boost some of these great data engineering Youtube channels you should check out!

So let's dive in.

Zack Wilson

Since the first time I saw a post from Zack Wilson on Linkedin, I was waiting for his Youtube channel.

And towards the end of 2021, he delivered.

In one of his first videos, Zack discusses if data engineers should learn Scala. He does a great job discussing the pros and cons of Scala. From the fact that Scala allows for a more software engineering-driven approach to pipelines to the fact that there are only a limited number of positions that truly require Scala.

But don't take my word for it. This short but concise clip does a great job answering the question.

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Andreas Kretz

Andreas Kretz is the OG data engineering Youtuber. He has been putting out loads of content on data engineering for years now.

Last year I really enjoyed several of his posts where he comment on videos where companies were breaking down their data infrastructure.

Andreas clearly has a lot of practical experience and can

In this video he reviews the AWS architecture that Nielsen from a Data Engineering Experts view. They use it to process up to 55TB a day.

Really nice use case of Apache Spark and RDS. Nice use of AWS Lambda functions for content delivery and AWS SQS for job management. Teaches you a lot about Data Engineering.

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Darshil Parmar

Darshil has started putting out a lot of great content for the past year. He has discussed his data engineering journey, how he went from working for companies to freelancing and so much more.

Actually his recent video I think is great for people just getting started.

Here is his description:

How did I become a data engineer?

What are the skills needed for data engineering?

How to get a job as a data engineer and many more?

Data engineering is a new branch of engineering, but the data analysis field is growing rapidly and so is the demand for professionals who can handle this field. Data scientists are redefining how businesses use data by helping them access, analyze, and interpret data in their everyday lives. In order to be successful in this field, there are many skills you need to learn. Data engineering, or the ability to store and access data, is one of them. In this video, Darshil Parmar talks about how he became a data engineer and what skills he learned on the job. --- Darshil Parmar

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Seattle Data Guy (Me)

Alright. I, of course, am going to put myself on this list. I have personally really been enjoying putting out videos on data engineering. Currently, I would say the focus of my channel has been more early-career style videos.

However, in the coming year, I would like to dive more into other topics such as data infrastructure, different data tools like dbt, Trino, Airflow, and so on.

But we shall see what the future holds!

The video I picked was me reviewing some of my favorite books for data engineering. If you're new to data engineering I am sure you can find a good new book to read.

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Karolina Sowinska

Karolina Sowinska has also been a long-standing data Youtuber. She does tend to have a broader set of topics other than data engineering but she has a lot of classic data engineering videos.

For example, she has a great quick intro for Airflow that I shared below.

In this long-awaited Airflow for Beginners video, she will show you how to install Airflow from scratch, and how to schedule your first ETL job in Airflow.

So don't miss out!
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mehdio is new to the Youtube space but we are glad to have him jump aboard!

We have collaborated on a writing project and I really do think he has a great perspective on data engineering.

Although his channel only has one or two videos, I can see it growing over the next year.

The video I picked here was Mehdio's only core video. In this video Mehdio will look at data engineering from a historical perspective as well as try to predict where things are going in the space.
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E-Learning Bridge

Shashank Mishra is a data engineer that has worked at Amazon, McKinsey & Company and PayTm. He uses his vast experiences and wide network to create videos to help young data engineers learn more about the role and how they can get a job at a top tech company.

In the video below Shashank will go over some of the SQL topics you will need to know as you study for your FAANG interviews.

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Ken Jee

Ok, Ken Jee usually puts out content more around data science. However, one of his recent videos was focused on data engineering.

So I did include him on the list. Maybe he'll jump on the data engineering bandwagon.

The video I picked below is said data engineering video.

In this video, he broke down why it seems like companies are hiring more data engineers in general. He also discussed how this would impact data scientists.

Overall, I believe this video gives a good explanation of why so many companies are struggling to get value from their data strategy. If you're curious how the data world is shaping up, then I think Ken will provide a lot of strong context.

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So, Do You Want To Become A Data Engineer?

After all those great videos.

The question remains.

Should you become a data engineer?

This is something only you can answer. Do you like creating data pipelines and automating data systems?

Do you want to play the middleman between applications and software teams and the analytical teams?

Hopefully the combination of the videos above have helped you form a better picture of what being a data engineer really means as well as provided context on how you can grow your data engineering career.

Thank you for reading!

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