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Could you review my first react app since 3 years ago?

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I just built a very little react app for a technical interview. I come from a solid Angular background, the last time I wrote a react component was back in 2017. So, I've made my best effort to write this app in a clean, solid and consistent architecture.

I would like to receive some feedback from you. Best practices, anti-patterns, code styling, architecture, S.O.L.I.D., component composition... everything is welcome! Could give it a check? :)

GitHub logo sebastiandg7 / tf-react-coding-test

React coding test - Use of Nx workspaces, hooks, ref forwarding, lazy loading, dynamic redux modules, formik, yup, react-input-mask

Welcome to tf-react-coding-test 👋

Version Documentation License: MIT Twitter: sebastiandg7

react coding challenge

🏠 Homepage

Demo - Also hosted in (over HTTP, API calls will work)



npm install


npm start react-coding-test

Dependency graph

npm run dep-graph

Used libs & techniques

Workspace setup

You can find all the generated code script under ./tools/ (suitable for worksapce architecture replication)


👤 Sebastián Duque Gutiérrez

🤝 Contributing

Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome!

Feel free to check issues page.

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Thank you!

PD: CSS is not my best strength (currently working on getting better at it!)

Stay home, stay safe and wash your hands regularly.

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