Intro to SwayDB

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SwayDB is an embeddable persistent and in-memory key-value store/database.

Here I will try to demonstrate on how to create a Map in Scala and play with some basic APIs to do simple CRUD operations.

Creating a Map

You can ignore Nothing and Bag.Less for now which will explained in future posts.

import swaydb._ //swaydb's APIs
import swaydb.serializers.Default._ //default serialisers

val map = memory.Map[Int, String, Nothing, Bag.Less]().get //create a memory map

Similarly a persistent Map can be created by replacing memory.Map with persistent.Map and providing a folder name.

val map = persistent.Map[Int, String, Nothing, Bag.Less](dir = "target/myMap").get

Basic Put & Get

map.put(key = 1, value = "one")
map.get(key = 1) //returns Some("one")

Expiring & Updating data

//put and expire after 1 hour
map.put(key = 2, value = "two", expireAfter = 1.hour) 
//updates value but leave the expiration unchanged.
map.update(key = 2, value = "two updated")
//returns expiration deadline.
map.expiration(key = 2) 

Remove/Deleting data

Batch removes both keys.

map.remove(keys = Seq(1, 2))
//return true - Map is now empty.

Run on Scastie.


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