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All Online Tools in “One Box”

What? is an online tool factory where you can get all tools you needed in one place. While serving different type of tools in different categories, it aims to perform this with a clean and beautiful user interface. Every tool is designed to solve a problem with minimum number of steps to save time of the users and decrease the complexity of the operation. has started to operate in 2020 and it will continue to grow with time by adding new tools each day.

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There are lots of sites on web which offers you online tools. Most of them focus on specific topics and they mostly have outdated designs which makes you think "Am I in 90's?". When you start to bookmark the tools you needed, the list becomes larger and larger in some point.

10015 Tools solves all these problems. So, bookmark it and forget about all other tool sites.

Who? is designed and coded by Fatih Telis (me) as a side project. I am a frontend developer based in Istanbul, Turkey. I started this project to build a platform which will work as an all-in-one toolbox while I'm challenging myself to create tools which does many different things. Even though I'm not a professional designer, I'm doing my best to construct a simple, aesthetic and easy-to-use UI system. You can contact me via email or Twitter about anything.

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