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re: I've been using spacemacs for the past two years, Emacs for three maybe, that being said, I'm not a programmer by profession, but I do have a coupl...

Why did you end up choosing spacemacs over Emacs? What ultimately made you switch? Or do you use both?


I like that spacemacs sets everything up automatically for me really and that most things just work. At first the slow startup did put me off, which is why I tried grapheme, but then I discovered emacsclient, aliased it to e, and now (space)Emacs "starts" instantly.

And with all the features spacemacs adds, with little to no config file maintenance, why not just use it right? (Although I bet I won't ever discover 75% of all those features)

Makes sense. Sometimes it’s nice to have things just work right out of the box. Do you just prefer the navigation or text editing vs code editors like Atom, VSCode, etc? Or something else?

Now I probably don't utilize the full potential of my editors, but one feature I miss is the multiple cursors from sublime (and I think even atom had it iirc), although there's probably some package for something similar in Emacs.

I think there is, but I’m not 100% sure. I thought I also saw a recent post on about using rectangles to edit/replace multiple instances. I’m still in “super noob” mode with Emacs.

Emacs Rocks is the best. Another great similar tool is "Rectangle Editing". I find I use multiple cursors and rectangle editing quite often, even for different parts of the same task.

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