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Nevertheless, Sandra Coded

Well hello, my dearest community!

I've been struggling with what I'm supposed to do with my future since I was a little kid.

Everyone was asking me: "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
Well, deep down in my little heart I wanted to be an artist.
I used to sketch and doodle and paint a lot. Growing up I found myself creating mini architectural schemes and I really wanted to follow that career parents didn't really support me and I followed the very next thing that I love; that's when I've got completely lost into the mathematics field!

My classmate and I got used to be almost the only girls that went to math competitions and enjoyed solving math problems and reading math articles the entire day.

It was all fun and pleasing until I had to decide my real path in life: "where are you going for college and what major will you pick?"

Uh, oh.. I was brave enough to pick informatics (math was not an option since I've got not support for that either).
Moving to another city and learning how to code (all by myself, because college didn't help; this is another story for another time), meeting new people, all these things created opportunities; I've got my first internship!
And that's how my developer journey began.

All in all, now I'm still an artist.
I strongly believe that coding, communicating with clients, creating a design, creating an algorithm, everything we all do everyday, that's pure art.

Please keep being an artist!

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