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5 eCommerce Personalization Tactics that Improve the Customer Experience

With modernization, consumer's buying patterns are changing. Before few years, we were talking about how to create a good e-commerce website. Today, we have come a long way. Several things have changed now. Apart from a well-designed website, the consumers want something else too. The time of providing a personalized buying experience has started. The e-commerce giants have practiced this way of selling products form several years. Now, it is time for small business owners to apply this strategy to their stores too!!

Firstly, let's talk a bit about providing a personalized buying experience. It is a customized e-commerce experience, designed as per the individual's buying habits, interest, previous order history, demographics, and other personal data. The personalization helps the stores to present the personalized product suggestions and experience as per the liking of the user. It increases the chances of conversion by a considerable margin.

The personalization helps in conversion and improves the buyer's experience on your website. With personalized experience, you can market the right product to the right user at the right time. You can showcase what items are available as per their last session on your website. Without even knowing the user, you can create a personalized experience as per their previously viewed pages, their demographics, and their country. Here we have talked about top e-commerce personalization tactics to improve the customer experience.

Device-based personalized
It is no brainer. The device-based personalization is the key factor to increase conversion. And almost every website is applying this personalization trend too. The majority of internet traffic is coming from the smartphone. You must personalize their experience as per the device of the user. All the features of your website should work well on smartphones, tablets, as well as computers. A responsive website will help you provide the best user experience as per the device of the user.

Suggestions as per past purchased items
It is also one of the highly used techniques for providing a personalized experience. In this technique, the website will suggest items that are similar or related to the user's previously purchased items. If a user has bought a t-shirt, the website will suggest jeans, shoes, and other clothing accessories as "bought together items". With this strategy, the user will feel special. Excellent customer engagement can be established. And in several cases, the user will buy those items too. Several e-commerce stores are using this technique and driving a huge number of sales out of it.

Personalization as per the location
The location-based personalization is equally important. If you are operating your store from multiple locations, you can employ this technique. Creating a location-specific web application would be beneficial for you. There will be several products in your store that will not be available in countries, so you better create location-specific user experience according to the buyer's IP location. And running your business in their local currency will also help you attract several new users to your store.

Suggestions as per the previously viewed item
Several e-commerce websites have employed this strategy. According to this technique, the website will showcase product recommendations as per the customer's previously visited items. It adds a personal touch in providing the best e-commerce experience to your users. Product suggestions such as "people also viewed" and "people also bought together" can be given. It showcases the recommendations as per the consumer's likings. With this strategy, there are good chances of driving more conversion to your store.

Reminder of repurchase
There are items such as consumables, or clothing items that you need to reorder after a few days, months, or after a year. If a user has bought an item on a particular date, you can remind a user to reorder after a set time frame. You can use sentences such as "you may be running low" or "you bought nothing from the past 6 months". If a user has liked your item, he/she will surely come again on your site. The reminders are a great way to establish engagement with them. With the quality products, this strategy can show surprisingly good results for you.

And this was the top 5 e-commerce strategies to improve customer experience in your store. Various organizations have employed this strategy and accomplished great results out of it. Customers these days, don't only like the personalized experience they expect this from every brand. Provide them what they want. Give your buyers a custom-tailored list of products & suggestions. Achieve the engagement with your buyers. Let them feel special, and ultimately deliver them a great buying experience from your store.

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