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Informatica | Features, and Benefits of Informatica ILM

What is Informatica?
INFORMATICA is a software development company, offering data integration products. It offers products for ETL, data masking, data quality, data replication, data virtualization, master data management, etc. The Informatica Powercenter ETL / Data Integration Tool is the most widely used tool and in the common term when we say Informatica, it refers to the Informatica PowerCenter tool for ETL.

Why it is used?
The conventional Informatica application is:
The company uses it to transfer from the current legacy system, such as the mainframe, to the latest database system. Consequently, your existing data could be transferred to the system.
Companies setting up their data warehouses will need an ETL tool to transfer the data to the warehouse from the production system.
Assimilation of information from several different systems, such as numerous databases and file-based systems, could be completed using Informatica.
It could be used as a tool to clean data.
It is most beneficial that it provides a wide collection of product versions. Therefore, consumers can choose a particular edition based on requirements. Informatica consistently stands out as a product of the integration of the leader in data products in the Gartner Magic Quadrant list.

-In-depth performance monitoring and data growth analysis

-Robust support for structured and associated unstructured data

-Smart partitioning for entity-based database partitions

  • Hassle-free access to archived data

-Integrated report creator for data visualization

-On-board data retention compliance manager for archived data

-Improve application performance by 80% or more

-Simplify the monitoring and management of ILM policies

-Securely remove legacy apps

-Lower IT costs

-Ensure regulatory compliance

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