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I want to dive deeper into Elm. I did some tutorials a year ago, but much has changed in Elm-world so I need to revisit. There was much to be excited about with Elm, and it was refreshing compared to the JS ecosystem.

I'm kind of python-curious, too. ;-)

I spent the past year learning Elixir/Phoenix/VueJS, and I've learned so much. It was my first experience with functional programming.


What resources did you use for elixir/phoenix/vue? I'm planning to learn these now after dipping my toes in web dev (built an app for a client with nodejs/express, MySQL, bootstrap/jQuery). Thanks!


I kind of went deep....I read Programming Erlang (Joe Armstrong) -> Programming Elixir (Dave Thomas) -> Programming Phoenix (Chris McCord), because it was really my first experience with functional programming and I wanted to really grasp the the underlying language/concepts before tackling the web framework.

I was also curious and wanting to understand OTP further, so I read these two awesome books, too: Designing for Scalability with Erlang/OTP (Cesarini/Vinoski) and The Little Elixir & OTP Guidebook (Benjamin Tan Wei Hao).

It's possible you could be OK and up and running with just Programming Phoenix, though.

As for Vue, there were really just a few blog articles and the Vue guide when I was starting with it, so there are probably better resources now. Here's some dialogue on various ways to work with Vue/Phoenix...there are a few approaches whether you want to use Brunch or Webpack, or just have the Vue client completely separate and communication to Phoenix backend via API only. My app is using Brunch+Vue within the Phoenix framework.

Have fun learning that stack...I know I did! :-)

Thank you so much for the detailed reply! I have been thinking of buying Dave's book for a while. It's time I pulled the trigger ;)

Will also check Programming Phoenix.

I'm looking at some video tutorials for vue by Traversy Media, Eric Hanchett and others. It's good to know what build tools and setup others are using.

One more thing: while the Programming Phoenix book will be great for getting to know the framework, Phoenix 1.3 will be introducing some changes that you may want to just keep an eye on. Here's a write-up (and the video is the best overview):


Thanks once again! You should write a post about your experience learning Elixir/Phoenix and Vue. It will definitely help a lot of people :)

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