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The SPECTRUM club is one of the core technical societies of the College of Engineering and Technology, founded in 2015 by Mr. Bikram Keshari Panda (2015 batch graduate), keeping an eye on the sole motive of Instrumentation and Electronics branch having a club of its own.
Apart from being involved in a plethora of competitions and technical events, the club organizes various seminars and webinars for the overall development of the students.
One of these is the By-Tech Show organized about career choices on 28th February,2021 and speaker for the evening was Mr. Aman Dhattarwal.
Mr. Aman Dhattarwal is an Indian educator, career counsellor, public Speaker, social media influencer, and a famous YouTuber. He is the young 4 times TEDx speaker, #1 Online IITJEE Educator and also the founder of 4 channels with 4.2 million young hustlers related to JEE and college -.Apni Kaksha, Aman Bhaiya Vlogs, and Apna College.
Mr. Dhattarwal started off with one of the most relatable scenario of a person’s life. The wildest of ideas arbitrarily strikes a student’s mind, including certain successful entrepreneurial ones which are neglected for fear of failure. A safer career option is often opted by the students as advised by various individuals in their lives. When in college, securing a placement becomes of utmost importance following which the financial stability of the job stops the person from seeking a new venture. Hence, the person adapts to the lifestyle and continues so on.
But what about his goals, his dreams, his passion???
People often join a company for the sole purpose of financial gain. This leads to frustration in the near future as it becomes a daily routine they follow not because they want to but because they have to.
He explained this as lack of interest and passion in the field that they work in. Following the crowd is what results in such circumstances and is being observed nowadays.
According to him, successful people portray two attributes- Confidence and Competence. Competence is how good one is at something and Confidence is how good one thinks he/she is at something. Learning to commit and train your brain accordingly is very important no matter however small the work is.
The best opportunities always come at the lowest point in lives. Grabbing it is important. If you fancy earning money, you should be ready to lose it too. Being afraid of failure won’t help in moving forward and with the rise in competition in today’s world, the only focus should be the goal.
He explained it further stating two concepts from the books that he, being an avid reader, has read. One is of the 3 types of people in the book “Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable” written by Tim Grover – Cooler: the good, Closer: the great and Cleaners: the unstoppable. Second is that of the 3 W’s that distracts a person as said by Chanakya in the book “Arthashstra”: Wealth, Women and Wine.
He emphasized upon choosing the right career path and encouraged us to follow our dreams by sharing his own story and few others of pursuing his goals through hard work and dedication. His logic was not to run among the millions but among a fifty with a clear vision and passion to achieve our goals.
He listed out a few helpful practices that would help in our ambition. They were:
• Implementing proximity settings in our daily lives.
• Keeping one’s thought process unique and creative as creative thinkers are the highest paid people.
• Choosing a goal and making it big. The bigger the goal, the more driven one is to achieve it.
• Asking oneself “How am I different from other people?” and working towards making oneself better.
• Prioritizing one’s health as is advised by all the successful people, as is said “Health is wealth.”
• Developing a habit of making notes. Our mind retains only 10% of what we learn so the revision helps in faster memorization.
• “Always be the First or be the Best”. Entrepreneurs generally target the domains that are exclusive to them only or tend to introduce something unique to an existing one increasing its market value.
• Friendships built on business is better than a business built on friendships. When we meet like minded people who share the same interests and dreams, it helps in our development as an individual both mentally and spiritually.

Lastly, he asked us to have a mission statement for our life, to start executing and be consistent in whatever we do because even at our lowest points, there are plenty of opportunities waiting to be grabbed on to.
The session ended with an interactive question-answer round followed by a rap sung by him leaving all the students in awe of meeting their favourite online teacher and getting live advice from him.
The session was a motivation to set out goals, keep moving towards it and the belief that “Ham Phodenge”: We will prove ourselves to be exceptional. We wish for him all the best for the future and to always be the icon that he is.

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